Eat My Words Grand Opening

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to attend a literary event, and while a new bookstore in Minneapolis officially opening its doors to business might not be the usual type of event we cover here at, we sure weren’t going to miss it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 6.57.11 PMSay hello to Eat My Words, the newest kid on the long and legendary block of Twin Cities bookstores.  Joining just a handful of independent used bookstores in our area, Eat My Words, located at 1228 2nd Street NE in Minneapolis (near Maeve’s and next door to the Chowgirls Parlor), offers a carefully curated selection of reasonably priced used titles across genres.  It’s a cozy, classy, comfortable spot with a fun little hook: any time you visit the store, you can help yourself to a bowl of homemade soup.

Owned and operated by Scott VanKoughnett, who runs the shop with help from his son, Eat My Words is the fulfillment of a lifelong quest to own a bookstore.  Aside from the free soup, VanKoughnett has several decades’ worth of ideas as to how he’ll draw customers to photo 1his shop.  The space has a charming back room with children’s and special interest books, as well as additional cozy chairs to sit and relax in.  This back room will double as a modest event space. For bigger events, Eat My Words has an arrangement with their neighbors, killer caterers Chowgirls, to use their parlor.

photo 4

Scott VanKoughnett (R) and one of three staffers, Jennifer

The first official day of business was February 1, 2014, and while we checked out the selection at 10am, we know there were fine things in store for later that day.  An all-day scavenger hunt with clues scattered among the spines promised a good time, at even later on we heard that recent Minnesota Book Award nominee Sarah Stonich and friends would christen the event space with a reading.  Other obligations kept us from sticking around, but all indications suggest that it won’t be our last chance to see some lit at this newest of Twin Cities bookstores.

Were you There? Have something to add, or a different take on this event?  Chime in on the comments below, or send us an email at Be sure to check the schedule to the right to be at the next attended event.


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