I’ve been a busy book lover lately, but there was no way I was going to miss Revolver‘s “Confess” event last Saturday, May 11, 2013.  Not after their launch party at Uppercut Boxing Gym last fall, which has achieved near-legendary status as far as literary events go.  In some ways, that “book-nerd-turned-featherweight” spectacular set the bar pretty high for the folks at Revolver.  Luckily, they’re a creative bunch.

So here’s the deal: they rented out an old warehouse in Northeast Minneapolis (in the historic Thorp building, also home to Diamond’s Coffee Shoppe).  They designed and constructed a series of audio/video-equipped booths (i.e. confessionals) in which attendees could step inside and anonymously confess crimes, guilty secrets, or anything else a person feels the need to get off their chest.  Elsewhere in the room, other partygoers could slip on a pair of headphones and listen to the stories people had to tell–no punishment, no judgment, just expression and voyeurism at their finest.

The site was an eerie combination of draftiness and mystique–Revolver and event staff ran around with black lace masks–while the various islands of activity pulled the vast room together. One section had been devoted to Emily Baxter’s “We Are All Criminals” exhibition, in which artful photos were paired with brief, anonymous accounts of  writers’ transgressions. The only indication of each author’s identity was their profession (eg “bank teller”) and the crime they committed (eg “burglary”).  Some of these stories heartfelt; others were gut-wrenching. Combined with the auditory confessions occurring elsewhere in the room, it was impossible not to reflect on the more sordid and exceptional moments in my own past–a frightening and exciting feeling that seemed, if anything, appropriate to the occasion.

Judging by the number of folks wandering around with professional-grade cameras, I’m assuming there will be many high-quality images floating around the webs in the near future–I’ll defer to those with skills for photos. Suffice it to say that Revolver is firmly among the most creative and exciting organizations in the Twin Cities both in regard to literary endeavors and party planning.  There was no question that Confess was a party: DJ Shannon Blowtorch‘s set was scheduled to kick in at 10:30, Summit Brewing was on hand to provide the social lubricant, and regret was in the air from the get-go.  As for this busy book lover, I regret to say that I got going rather early, but I look forward to hearing about all the mistakes everyone made.

Were you There? Have something to add, or a different take on this event?  Chime in on the comments below, or send us an email at Be sure to check the schedule to the right to be at the next attended event.


One thought on “Confess

  1. I was there and had such a great time. I agree with everything you wrote. Revolver is a fantastic addition to the Minnesota literary community, and I enjoy seeing them get the attention they deserve. I think I checked out everything at the event. The confessions at Booth 3 were difficult to hear because it was too close to the DJ. But I loved the photo exhibit, Emily’s confession booth (she’s cool), and the absolutions. And everyone was so friendly. An exceptional evening. Hope they don’t wait too long before their next event!

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